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Remiina – Refresh Series

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Remiina Refresh series is designed for you to refresh your skin and your mind. To treat your skin the best after the all-day work. Refresh is going to give you the glowing skin and let you shine everyday.
Therefore, our team is very careful in each process, from the material of sheet to ingredients, we all choose the skin friendly products in order to fit your skin perfectly.

Eco-friendly Feather Sheet

  • Worldwide unique long & continuous fiber: Natural and Eco-friendly material, zero pollution to the environment.
  • 100% cotton liner made in Japan: Ultra soft and smooth texture, which is best fit to face.
  • Premium absorbency: Absorb 13 times serum and high moisture retention.

All Natural Plant Extracts and with different functions for different skin condition

  • Aloe Soothing & Moisturizing Feather Mask
  • Rose Brightening & Hydrating Feather Mask
  • Tee Tree Purifying & Oil Control Feather Mask