About Remiina

Be your beautiful self and treat yourself to the best because you deserve the very best. Remiina lets you shine and become a reborn version of yourself—a “reborn me”.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be your beautiful self. Remiina is not just a skin care brand which provides the best quality products for you; Remiina is a lifestyle experience for all women. 

Remiina is here to encourage you to embrace your own unique beauty with confidence, to love yourself and to be kind to yourself. Being comfortable in your own skin and knowing you self-worth is everything.

Our Philosiphy

Working with a team of over 33 years cosmetic experts, Remiina is able to create the most innovative and high quality products that let you achieve professional skin treatment at home. We pursue the Eco-friendly products, biodegradable material to bringing safe, simple, and truly efficacious skin care to all.

Strict Manufacturing Process


High-spec production approved by multiple certifications

Cosmetic GMP Certificate

SGS: ISO 22716 

2016 Golden Hand Award Winner

Exclusive Patent

Our products are leading the innovation, subverting the tradition.